The Logitech 750e Outdoor Security Camera

As the name implies, the Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master is an outdoor security camera, or at least part of an outdoor security camera system. There’s a huge variety of outdoor security cameras to choose from on the market these days, so what about this one in particular urges me to recommend it for you? Besides the solid Logitech name brand behind it, this home security device provides a number of innovative features and qualities including motion detection, night vision, remote viewing, and a lot more that make it a steal at its price range.

Design and Physical Features of the Home Security Cameras

One of the first qualities I noticed after pulling the Logitech 750e out of the packaging was its large, sturdy size. In today’s world of small hidden security cameras and spy cameras for home that are tiny enough to fit in just about any little nook or cranny you can imagine, this kind of security camera system can surprise you a little bit, but not in a bad way at all.

Due to the fact that this is an outdoor security camera, the entire camera itself is encased in a rather large waterproof housing unit. This causes the weight of the camera to be around 20 ounces or so, which is just over a pound. Although this does make it seem pretty lightweight, (and compared to many old school security cameras, it certainly is!) compared to its indoor model which weighs in at around 5 ounces it’s a heavier camera for today. This is precisely what we would expect in an outdoor security camera, however.

On the backside of the camera is an ethernet connection, which is located under a metal panel that requires a screwdriver to remove. You’ll quickly notice that all of the housing itself is very solid and designed to keep the camera inside safe in just about any weather conditions. I’m fairly confident that the Best point and shoot cameras could survive some pretty serious weather conditions, so I don’t believe living in hurricane or tornado country will render your outdoor security cameras useless or at least unusable for fear of destruction.

Along with the camera of course comes some very solid mounting hardware that can be placed just about anywhere. All of the brackets and whatnot that you’ll need to get it hooked up outside are included, and by the feeling of the mounted hardware you shouldn’t have any kind of issues with the mounting brackets being loose or “wobbly” in any way. It’s extremely sturdy which again, depending on your location, can make a big difference if local weather conditions pose a risk to anything outdoors which hasn’t been specifically addressed.


Simple and Innovative Setup

The Logitech Alert 750e Isn’t a wireless security camera, but due to the system Logitech employs this isn’t even an issue as long as you have a free outlet in the vicinity.

As mentioned above, setting the camera up in terms of mounting it to a wall or other outdoor location is pretty quick and painless with the included brackets and mounting hardware. Seeing as this is a home security camerawith recording and remote viewing capabilities, you’d assume that you might be in for quite a hassle when it comes to setting up the internet connections and whatnot, right? This might be the case with older models that require a cable connection, but its actually about as easy as setting up wireless security camera systems.

Instead of requiring a direct cable connection to your router, the 750e uses a system of two “powerline adapters”. Essentially, one half of this setup is a wireless adapter that plugs directly into your router. This adapter transmits a wireless signal to the other half which plugs into a wall outlet, turning any of your normal power outlets into an ethernet port. The other end of the cable is plugged directly into your cameraoutdoors, which is where it draws its power in addition to allowing you to view the camera feed via your mobile smartphone or from any browser.

All of this is explained in the very quick and painless setup process on your PC, which utilizes a simple setup wizard that pretty much holds your hand through the short process and comes complete with picture/graphical aids to show you exactly how things should look and function. In less than 15 minutes you can have the system up and running, including the time taken for the cameras software to update, which it will do automatically once plugged into the wall adapter.

Included Software and Alternatives

The included software (known as “Logitech Alert Commander”) is actually pretty nice, and comes with a number of features. The setup wizard will guide you through this part of the setup as well, so you shouldn’t have any technical issues. The software has the capability to view and control six different cameras at once, all of which don’t even need to be the same model. Any of Logitechs security camera systemsand devices in the same line of products as the 750e Outdoor Master are compatible with the software and can all be remotely accessed at the same time, which is a great feature if you plan to expand youroutdoor security camera systems or even are unsure about doing so yet, as you can always add on with any of Logitechs other products. I doubt very much that you would have trouble finding just about anything you’d need that was compatible.

One unfortunate aspect of this system however is that while you can view the feed live at anytime from anywhere with your browser or mobile phone, in order to view recorded video or have total control over the camera you’ll have to pay a yearly fee of 80 dollars to access the Logitech Web Alert Viewer. This is additional software that provides you with these added features, but there is a simple way to get around it. Using free software such as LogMeIn or Teamviewer, as long as you leave your home PC running you can access your desktop from another PC or mobile phone where you can log into Logitech Alert Commander just as you would from that home PC. Its a shame you have to actually do it, but its as simple as a workaround as you’re probably going to find, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Image Quality/Resolution

The image quality is some of the best I’ve seen in modern security cameras, owing to the cameras onboard high definition recording capabilities. The resolution is a very crisp 960 x 720, and at around 15 frames per second, you can make out facial features or even license plate numbers from a pretty large distance away. With a lot of rapid movement, you’ll sometimes see a little bit of a “ghosting” effect following the target, but this is very fast to dissipate and the picture quality becomes instantly flawless once movement is ceased. In addition, the 750e includes a wide angle lens that spans 132 degrees, which is perfect for outdoors where you might have a large amount of ground to monitor. This can really help save costs for you in the end if you decide to set up a security camera system for the entire perimeter of your property, since the large space covered will reduce the need for as many standard security cameras which may have been required otherwise.

The night vision on these models are excellent as well, making use of modern infrared technology seeing as outdoor security cameras don’t have the benefit of good lighting during evening hours. In complete darkness the image quality is still decent enough to make out facial features and any other essential details. Someone could literally be feet from the camera at night without having any idea that it was there staring them in the face.

Sound quality is also excellent, allowing you to hear even the quietest of sounds from a fairly formidable distance. A person creeping around your property at nights whispers would be audible and with good sound quality, even out of range to know that he was in the presence of an outdoor security camera at all.

Innovative Motion Detection Capabilities For Modern Outdoor Security Camera

Many models of modern home security cameras have had the ability to detect motion over a monitoring area, but the truly customizable motion detection system included by Logitech allows you to truly control this aspect of its software. Most other home security camera systems that feature motion detection have the ability to sense and trigger specific events or actions when motion is detected. For instance thePanasonic C230A, which I’ve also reviewed here, can activate and send images of the detected motion to your mobile phone or email inbox, keeping you updated at all times the moment something takes place in your monitoring area. The 750e Outdoor Master has the functionality to do the same, but actually takes it a step further.

Although it’s a great feature to have your home security cameras send you an alert when it detects motion, you might not be concerned about motion at certain locations at certain times, or at certain locations whatsoever. For instance, you may have an outdoor security camera facing out your back door that your children or other people are expected to be in and out of throughout the day, but would not expect someone to be moving around in its range in the middle of the night. Thanks toLogitechs ability to customize your motion detection, you an actually specify times of day that a camera will be triggered for any number of actions, such as triggering an alert to you and to begin recording when it detects that motion in the middle of the night. You can even take your customization further by setting up specific locations in the cameras range of view that are motion detection monitored by simply drawing a square or rectangle directly on the user interface of the video feed.

This capability also extends to any other security cameras compatible with the Logitech software, allowing you to completely automate the motion detection settings on all of your home security cameras. This is one of the biggest issues involved in motion detection for many other models – No one wants to have to adjust the settings on each camera every single day, so a lot of people will forgo this hassle and simply avoid this feature of their own cameras. With the 750e, you can really utilize the available technology to its fullest potential which is an important factor for myself.

At its price point, the Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master ranks highly among options for outdoor security cameras. Set at a very reasonable price range for the amount of advanced user friendly features included, this device is solid option to add to an existing or start your own outdoor security camera system.

Features Summary

-Quick, hassle free setup
-Highly customizable and automated motion detection
-Crisp, clear images that remain high quality whether in daylight or complete darkness
-Adjustable email and mobile alerts
-Can record with your PC turned off with its onboard 2GB hard drive
-Simple solution to wiring hassles
-Remote view from any location with your browser or mobile phone, even without the yearly fee
-Excellent inbound sound quality
-Expandable software with capability to view and control up to six home security cameras remotely

When in doubt, check to read reviews on some of the best products from a wide-range of categories.


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